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Robin Hardin is our Crime Watch Coordinator and at our annual meeting, she reported that there have been a few recent thefts in surrounding neighborhoods, but none recently in Ft Johnson Estates.  As always, though, she points out that we should all be keeping our houses and cars locked and our garage doors closed whenever possible.  If there are any occurrences in our neighborhood, Robin will let us know and we will post them to the website.

Public Crime Information Bulletin for February 2019

  • Due to complaints about motorists speeding and ignoring stop signs in FJE, the Sheriff has been asked to step up patrols of our neighborhood.  The speed limit in FJE is 25 miles per hour.  FJE is fortunate to have a burgeoning population of children and we all need to be mindful drivers!

  • Thieves continue to cruise through James Island neighborhoods looking for unlocked cars or locked cars with valuable items visible.  Don’t help their cause and keep your car and home doors/windows locked and valuables out of sight or inside at night…..especially firearms!

Keep your Doors Locked...Help Stop the Break-ins!

  • A burglar recently entered a home on James Island in the morning hours.  The homeowner had gotten up, turned on the lights and left the door unlocked after letting out the cat.
  • Keep your doors locked  (or, in this situation, lock them again.)
  • Also, there continue to be thefts from unlocked cars at night.  These are cars parked in people's driveways.
  • Lock your car doors at night.   
  • Don't leave valuables in your car.

The Island Sheriff's Patrol continues to work to capture the burglars who are victimizing our community.  Click the Public Crime Bulletin link below then scroll to James Island to see local incident reports...

Public Crime Information Bulletin for February 2019

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